How to find the best Medical Transcription Company?

 Medical Transcription Company
Medical Transcription Company

For may physicians and clinicians out there, finding the best Medical Transcription company/service is a daunting task. First of all, they need to have the time searching for the best and it is not easy for the otherwise busy Providers. Once you find a service, onboarding them and ensuring the required stability can be another uphill task. Below are the points to note when you are selecting a Medical Transcription Service that should work best for you.

Look for a medical transcription company that has a proper website:

First and foremost thing is the check whether the service has a credible website or not. A credible transcription service will explain its Transcription Process. There would be an FAQ section which would deal with the common type questions. Next thing to check is whether it offers a free Test transcription to help the client in decision making. Credible transcription services offer the client a login post onboarding where the client can upload dictations and download transcripts securely, in our case the Transcription Manager.

Look for a medical transcription company that has years of experience:

Quality of medical reports are of utmost importance and experience of the medical transcription service is extremely important in achieving that. The busy physician won’t be able to check the reports word by word. A transcription service that promises 99.9% accuracy will help the physician in a great deal. achieves 99.9% accuracy for each of the transcripts via a 3-level checking process. In case we are still not sure of a word, we prefer to leave a blank for the physician to fill in. And then we go back and see what the physician filled in. As time goes by, we will be sure of your usual way of talking and your involvement will become near zero. is in the medical transcription service from 2010 and all of our clients are long term.

Look for a medical transcription service that offers the client a test transcription:

Well, anyone can promise the moon but how do you know it for sure? Does the medical transcription service offer you a short test transcription so you could assess its skills?

Look for a medical transcription service that has clients long term:

Quality, fair practices, professionalism, affordability will make any client to stick to the medical transcription service as long as they have reports to make.

All of’s clients have been long term and we are into this space from 2010, with the founder having started his medical transcription career from 2003, also an engineering graduate.

Look for a medical transcription service that follows the international standards for line count and rates: charges clients as per industry standards. The method we follow is to charge rate per line where one line is 65 characters. We have software to calculate line count on this basis and detailed invoice will be sent.

Look for a medical transcription service that is proficient in handling any medical specialty:

There are around 80 specialties in the medical world and we have clients from various specialties. It really doesn’t matter to us whether the doctor is a cardiologist or neurologist or some other. As long as it one of the medical specialties, we are ready to go.

Look for a medical transcription service that is eager to help the provider with feedback to improve the client’s platform:

Feedback is mutual. While the doctors can help us to improve the accuracy of the transcripts, we can help them to make the process/platform smoother, time saving, and efficient.

Look for a medical transcription service that is committed to check the feedback and constantly improve quality:

While we are committed to provide 99.9% accuracy, we thrive to improve our skills constantly by checking the corrections, if any. Ultimately the clients develop the level of trust on our transcripts that he/she can blind sign them.

Look for a medical transcription service that is technologically sound so they solve issues quickly:

Without an ecosystem of proper technical strength, no medical transcription service will be able to serve you effectively. Doctors cannot be expected to solve the technical issues that could occur in the platform. was founded by an engineering graduate who became a medical transcriptionist later and went on to build this venture. This very website is the handiwork of him.

Look for a medical transcription service that barely requires you to involve/monitor day to day work:

The otherwise busy physicians won’t be able to micromanage the Transcription work. You need someone whom you can count on regarding your transcripts, who would type them accurately and upload them in time for you to sign.

Our Process:

1. Client uploads dictation to us in secure manner via our Transcription Manager platform. If the client has his/her own platform and specifications, then we follow that.

2. We run the voice files through an internally developed voice recognition engine.

3.  A transcriptionist called an MT (a Medical Transcriptionist) proofs the report with voice file word to word.

4. Transcriptionist then reads the report without listening to the voice file and re-listens words or phrases that may require a double check.

5. An editor called a TE (Transcription editor) proofs the word file with voice.

6. The TE reads the report without listening to the voice file and re-listens words or phrases that may require a double check.

7. We upload the text files securely to Transcription Manager for the client to download. If the client has his/her own platform and specifications, then we follow that.

8. Feedback, if any, from the client is taken and studied for improvement.

Medical Transcription Company Process:

Transcribing your dictations accurately and affordably is extremely important. We, at ScribeDoctor, support this cause with our decade long service history and professionalism.

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1. My files are not getting uploaded. What to do?

Email ([email protected]) us about the problem with an attachment of the file. We will look into it and rectify.

2. What is the cost for medical transcription?

We charge per line. 1 line is 65 characters. We will look into your sample file and mutually agree up on a rate per line. You can be rest assured it will be as per industry standards.

3. Can I record on my phone?

We are afraid it will not have the necessary clarity for us to hear it properly and type it error-free. As this is not an one time task, we request you to use professional recording devices like the Philips speech mike and speak into it clearly and without distraction.