How to dictate/record correctly for medical transcription?

medical dictation
medical dictation provides top notch Medical Dictation Transcription Services. We are serving clients across USA, Canada, UK, Dubai and the rest of the world since 2008. Accurate and Affordable Transcription Services are provided in a Professional manner. All of our existing clients are with us since long. Our approach is to provide ready to sign transcripts to the physicians. This saves a lot of time for them correcting the reports. File upload, viewing, download etc. are done in a safe and secure manner. All the patient data is considered confidential. We also stick with the client’s turn around time (TAT).

We have a feedback mechanism where the doctor will be able to let us know if there were any edits in the transcripts. We then study the edited part to improve the accuracy. Though we have the platform ready to get you started, we can also quickly plugin to your own platform in case you have one.

Dictating/Recording clearly to a device is extremely important in Medical Dictation Recording in order for the transcriptionist to hear it properly and type accurately.

Here are some of the tips for the doctors for effective recording of their voice:

  1. Use a proper dictation recording device like the Philips speech mike Well, you could use even a phone these days to record dictations but the quality of the recording will suffer for another person to hear it correctly and type accurately. If you are using a proper recording device it will automatically cancel the background noises.
  2. Do not chew or eat anything while dictating.

Transcribing your dictations accurately and affordably is extremely important. We, at ScribeDoctor, support this cause with our decade long service history and professionalism.

Our Process:

1. Client uploads dictation to us in secure manner via our Transcription Manager platform. If the client has his/her own platform and specifications, then we follow that.

2. We run the voice files through an internally developed voice recognition engine.

3.  A transcriptionist called an MT (a Medical Transcriptionist) proofs the report with voice file word to word.

4. Transcriptionist then reads the report without listening to the voice file and re-listens words or phrases that may require a double check.

5. An editor called a TE (Transcription editor) proofs the word file with voice.

6. The TE reads the report without listening to the voice file and re-listens words or phrases that may require a double check.

7. We upload the text files securely to Transcription Manager for the client to download. If the client has his/her own platform and specifications, then we follow that.

8. Feedback, if any, from the client is taken and studied for improvement.

Medical Dictation Transcription Process:

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1. My files are not getting uploaded. What to do?

Email ([email protected]) us about the problem with an attachment of the file. We will look into it and rectify.

2. What is the cost for medical transcription?

We charge per line. 1 line is 65 characters. We will look into your sample file and mutually agree up on a rate per line. You can be rest assured it will be as per industry standards.

3. Can I record on my phone?

We are afraid it will not have the necessary clarity for us to hear it properly and type it error-free. As this is not an one time task, we request you to use professional recording devices like the Philips speech mike and speak into it clearly and without distraction.